Get Fresh in the Valley

Time: 11:00a - 5:00p daily

Regular Passport: $44.25++

Designated Driver Passport: $30.00++

Magic Winery Shuttle Pass + Passport: $99.00

Get Fresh in the Valley is a self-guided wine tour of up to 20 wineries in Niagara's Twenty Valley wine country. It’s one of the most brilliant ways to learn about and stock up on our VQA wines. Our wineries are spread across 5 sub appellations that produce some of Canada's most highly acclaimed wines: Beamsville Bench, Twenty Mile Bench, Short Hills Bench, Lincoln Lakeshore, and Creek Shores. This is such a great event to showcase the new vintage and aromatic wines paired with fresh spring flavours.

You'll meet winemakers with remarkable stories and explore fantastic food pairings offered by our local chefs – farm to table is our local philosophy. 

Back by popular demand from our fall event is the Saturday shuttle pass featuring the Magic Winery Bus. Seats are limited so book early. Bus route to be posted shortly.

Our Freeky Pairing

Kimchi Poutine- Canadian Roots, Korean Flare! 

Wine: 2017 Rosé

We think pink is fun to drink especially on a warm Spring afternoon. Not much else to say, except that we try to make just enough rosé to keep everyone in the fun zone from April to October (cause it's all about fresh). And we're asked to make more and more every year. So apparently you agree with us - pink is fun to drink!

To get your passport and learn more about this FRESH touring option, visit the Twenty Valley Website

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